"It's hot, jazzy and has a drawl!" San Francisco Chronicle

Mix swingin’ grooves, thrilling riffs, sweet and hot vocals, western sensibilities and tons of fun and you have only begun to describe Cow Bop. Formed in 2003 by internationally-acclaimed guitarist Bruce Forman, the cowboy jazz and western bebop band has toured extensively throughout the world, exciting audiences with their unique brand of music.


The bands’ collective experience crosses the spectrum of American music, from the hottest jazz and the coolest swing to the most down-home honky-tonk. Comfortable in diverse settings, from Carnegie Hall to roadside taverns, the band always hits the stage with an electrifying and entertaining assortment of music and frolic. Along with Bruce Forman on guitar, the band features PintoPammy on vocals, whose talent and experiences range from big band swing, old-time country and musical theater, and mutli-instrumentalist David Wise, whose sax and trumpet playing takes you from the streets of New Orleans to the hottest and coolest jazz. Put that on top of a rhythm section of Tino Tafarella, bass, and Ryan McDiarmid, drums, that are as swingin’ and rockin’ as rodeo bronc, but as sure-footed as a prized pack mule and you get Cow Bop.


In 2004, Cow Bop won the Route 66 Challenge, traveling the length of the storied road having departed with a mere $100 and no scheduled gigs. Their debut CD, Swingin’ Out West , released in 2004, charted in four separate genres. Since then, Route 66 , Too Hick for the Room and their newest CD: Cowlifornia Swing have delighted critics around the world. The recordings feature songs and musicians from across the wide spectrum of the American musical palette.


Along with numerous appearances at esteemed nightclubs and concert venues throughout the world, Cow Bop has also been featured at the Montreal & Monterey Jazz Festivals, the Sisters Folk Festival, as well as the Elko, Heber City , Monterey and Santa Clarita Cowboy Gatherings. For an extra treat, check out Bruce’s guitar work featured in Clint Eastwood’s Academy-Award winning film, Million Dollar Baby .

"They put some scoobie-doo in their wahoo!" Wylie Gustafson,
Wylie & The Wild West

"I could listen to these guys for a hundred hours straight

and not go to the bathroom once!" Paul Zarzyski

In any discussion of the top acts on today’s western-swing scene, Cow Bop had better be in the conversation.

-- John Wooley, host of Swing on This

7 p.m. Saturdays on KWGS (89.5 FM) in Tulsa

"Bravo! I have never attended a more inspiring performance...one of the most enjoyable bands ever. I'm a huge fan!" mandolin maestro Evan Marshall

"Cow Bop conveys the essence of what we were doing...in a sophisticated and up to date way. Bob woulda loved 'em!" Jimmy Wyble, guitarist w/ Bob Wills,

Spade Cooley, Benny Goodman, Red Norvo

"Cow Bop was the hippest thing at the Way Out West fest, hands down!"
Rich Daigle, Utah's Django

Leader, Red Rock Hot Club

"These guys cook! The most fun you can have with your spurs on!"
Herb Jeffries, Mr. Flamingo, The Bronze Buckaroo

"I thought Louis Prima was 'the very best' musical/entertainment group I had ever seen, until this past year. I have now seen Bruce Forman & Cow Bop several times and they are now my all-time favorite group.  Their musicianship and wild and crazy repertoire is simply the best. Tighten your cinches because this is the musical ride of all time, bar none!!! "

Terry Thompson, St. Louis producer, bandleader, guitarist & superfan

"Best. Band. Ever."

Ariel Alexander, Contessa of Alto Saxophonia

Bruce Forman, Guitar

“Swingin' Out West is where you’ll find him,” they all said in hushed tones, a faraway look in their eyes. “Forman’s the name, bebop’s the game. He’ll help you…never met a note he didn’t like.”

PintoPammy, vocals

The sun was high, the air was still, a day so hot the dust was sweating. In rode a redhead on a pinto pony, singing and yodeling. Legend has it she was raised by Comanche, others opine that she was left in a shopping mall by Scottish settlers. She was headed for parts unknown when she fell in with a band of renegade beboppers and ended up ‘Swingin' Out West’.

David Wise, horns

What can you say about a young 'un that plays two saxes at once, and then picks up the trumpet- phenom!

  Ryan McDiarmid, Drums

Never seen anyone ride a set of drums like that. “Take this!" he said, (a wire-brush slap to the head), "And that!" (rim-shot) Later, the drums were overheard talking with the cymbals: “How could something that hurts so bad, swing so good?”

Tino Tafarella, Bass

He was walkin' before he could walk, spankin' the baby when he were in mere diapers. The kid's a natural they all said...one thing for shore: he's got a future ahead of him!

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