Reviews are pouring on REVIEWS...

Cow Bop at Cain's Ballroom! The 100th birthday celebration of Johnnie Lee Wills, at the mecca of western swing!!! Gonna be a national radio broadcast too! See you on the radio October 13!!!

Cow Bop to Texas!!! The band travels to the home state of Bob Wills, an action packed tour, check out the dates on the calendar page...wahoo!

The newest Cow Bop CD:

Cowlifornia Swing, hits the street...(or trail)!!! Get your copy now!!!

Western states tour a smashing success: Vegas to Wet Mountain, Cow Bop wowed em all, expect us back soon!!!

Right on the heels (or hooves) of Too Hick for the Room, Cow Bop heads into the studio for another CD...should be out in the late Fall...wahoo!

Cow Bop wows 'em again at The Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, a swingin weekend for sure!!!

Cow Bop to play the 2011 Monterey Jazz Festival, September 18!

& Los Angeles Guitar Festival, July 3

& Yoshi's, Oakland Aug 11

& The Sisters (Oregon) Folk Festival


& The Lone Pine Film Festival, October 7! about crossover!

Cow Bop to tour New Zealand! The dates are: May 26- June 6

Cow Bop now has a band page on Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter...Tweet!

Bruce Forman & Cow Bop featured in the February 2011 issue of Just Jazz Guitar...wahoo!!!

The new CD, 'Too Hick for the Room' on track for June 7, 2011 release! Here are the liner notes that didn't make it to the disc...imagine the ones that did? You'll just have to get one to find out...won't you?

"Buddy Rich hated country music. Buddy Rich was an asshole. Kicking trumpet players off his bus in the middle of the desert for no apparent reason. Willie Nelson doesn’t hate jazz. And on Willie’s bus the whole band gets high all day, smoking the best reefer this side of Tulsa. Bob Wills was born in Tulsa...or should have been. He had a bus too. Lord knows what happened on Bob Wills’ bus. Charlie Parker made the Count Basie bus stop a minute so he could pick up a fresh killed chicken that had run smack into the grill of a Studebaker. That’s how you got named back then, just by picking up a bird. Now the thing about Cow Bop is they play that Bob Wills thang and buckshot the instrumental passages with pure bebop. The guitar player tosses one at the fiddle player who fastballs it back. The bassist and drummer cook behind them. There’s a pronghorn skull screwed into the bass drum. The singer’s a beauty, sizzling in that long gingham dress. No way you can’t love this band. And if Buddy Rich were on Cow Bop’s bus he’d know when to keep his mouth shut. Of course they don’t have a bus, so the point is moot. But they got this album, though. And man, what a cooker. Take a listen. Cow Bop."

Brick Wahl (really)

LA Weekly

Bruce and Cow Bop featured in Vintage Guitar Magazine--Dec issue--Jimi Hendrix on the cover...or is that Bruce?

Monterey Cowboy Fest...wahoo! 3 Swingin Cow Bop sets plus Strings on Fire: a posse of pickers sure to get it goin!!

Cow Bop goes into the studio mid-September '10 to record the long anticipated 3rd record!  Lot's of new songs, great arrangements, and more Cow Bop fun!

Photos of Bruce and Pammy make it into COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine again - it's the October issue with Tom Selleck on the cover - check it out!

Cow Bop appears at The Way Out West Music Festival (the Wowfest), Aug 7, Snowbasin Resort, UT. Also at the festival: Dwight Yoakum, Sam Bush, Dave Mason, Robben Ford, y'oughta make plans to be there...don't wanna miss this!

Cow Bop wows 'em in Montreal! To an audience of 15K+ the band swung everyone into a stampede...

Cow Bop to play the Montreal Jazz Festival, July 5...cowboy festivals, jazz want crossover? What's next? I'm afraid to ask!

Cow Bop returns to the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. At Melody Ranch, the band joined a host of luminaries in an unparalleled picturesque western setting, tons of fun...great to be back!

Cow Bop at the Autry...for the Masters of Western Art! The band featured at the prestigious can be sure they played a bunch of Gene's old hits...bopped up for sure!!

Well, the competition was fierce, but the right choice was made when Cow Bop was chosen to play for the Silver Spur awards, put on Reel Cowboys!  Takes place

October 30 at the Sheraton in Universal City - lots of fun and lots of stars and I am going to get Shirley Jones' autograph!!

This just in (July 2009) - Pamela (Pinto Pammy) was just nominated Western Swing singer of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists!  Award ceremony in September in Texas - I think we need to go.

WOW - Back to our old home town where Cow Bop was born for the Monterey Dixieland Festival March 6, 7 & 8!!  It will be so great to see our old pals - maybe you too?

This is a quote from the Elko News:

“With the Elko Convention Center auditorium near capacity for Saturday's final show of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, there was much at stake for ending the annual festival on a high-note. The performers did not disappoint. The hot cowboy jazz group Cow Bop led off the final performance with Pinto Pammy channeling Patsy Cline and jazz guitar virtuoso Bruce Forman picking away on the guitar, it didn't seem that things could get any better. That's when fiddler Phil Salazar let loose on the fiddle during a medley of the original piece, “The Boomer Stampede” and the classic “Orange Blossom Special.” Although more commonly heard with a harmonica solo, Salazar filled in on the fiddle, recreating every note with precision, literally sawing away at his fiddle. When it was all over, the group received an uproarious applause from the audience, and Salazar's fiddle bow had shed a few horse hairs.
“I think his horse is complaining,” Forman said jokingly in response to the wild applause.”

PHIL SALAZAR joins Cow Bop! World-reknown fiddler decides to become the next casualty in a ever-lengthening list of cowboppers. "I can't say how much it means to me that Phil would join our band. Besides being the best fiddler in the world, he can also play the snot out of a violin!" exclaimed Bruce Forman.

New CD: Route 66 is finished !  It's Fabulous!  Augmenting the band on this recording are: Dan Hicks (again), Shelby Eicher, Rushad Eggleston, Monty Alexander, Bobby Phillips and Noel Jewkes. Street (or trail) date is early next year...stay tuned!

Just found this great quote from the Heber City Cowboy festival last year: "the unexpected delight of the evening was the dance that followed; or rather, the dance band for the dance that followed! Pinto Pammy of Cow Bop has that smoky barroom voice of old-time torch singers, and combined with the incredible musicianship of guitarist Bruce Forman , violinist Richard Chon , and Mike McKinley on drums, this group is pure gold. I left with a CD, and I've played it almost non-stop since." Joe Lynn Kirkwood